Validating calendar dates in textbox asp who kat dennings dating

I created the file selector matches the class we assigned our custom Date Editor Template.

So now any textbox with a class of "datefield" will have a j Query Date Picker attached to it.

Here I am discussing various properties of Calendar Extender .

Download source code for Ajax Calendar Extender The easiest way for end users is to select a date from the Calendar which is on Form.

Without validation groups the validations would interfere with each other by not allowing the user to submit either form unless both forms were filled out correctly.

NET AJAX control that is generally used with Text Box control.

When user clicks in Textbox, Calendar control Pops up.

To work in with our solution change This overrides the default way that j Query will parse a date (mm/dd/yy) to dd/mm/yy.

If you try now the j Query validation should accept the dd/mm/yyyy format and it should save to the database correctly.

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This involves using more advanced validation controls and Validation Groups to group validation controls together.

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