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Polly tries to find her dream date at a speed dating event. Her grasp of pop culture and keen eye for social interactions are comedy gold.Third is Scissor, an artistic man with an inflated sense of ego, followed by Ernest, a socially awkward guy who thinks sharing his Tums is a nice gift.Then there's Dale, loud, rowdy and more than ready to move on to the next little filly.For Cindy, those minutes feel like an eternity as she is subjected to a seemingly endless parade of jerks and losers.First theres Marcus, whose questions seem more like an interrogation; then Trevor, whose career motivation extends only to getting the next new video game. (2-6 m, 1 w, 2-6 flexible kids or adults) Script: 31 pages. Speed dating is a great way for singles to meet other people.Each "date" only lasts a few minutes, and if it doesn't work out, you can hope the next one will be better.

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Nonetheless, you must resist the temptation to cram too much into your curtain-raiser, and instead initiate the kind of taut, economical screen directions and snappy dialogue that will keep the reader engrossed until the final page.

It’s a tough call, and there are many different ways of responding.

Some screenwriters favor a short prologue, a 1-3 page scene that encapsulates the overall flavor of the story, and which could be a flash-forward or flashback.

Others prefer to jump straight in with a bank heist or a car chase, others an argument.

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There’s no right or wrong way to begin your story – for every – but in those first five pages you have to make sure your screenplay has one thing: appeal.

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