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The interaction between Arab settlers brought Islam to Kenya, as well as other cultural exchanges.

The merchants who settled in Kenya conducted slave and ivory trade to India, the Arabian Peninsula, and China.

Using material from the Catholic Medical Association and the prestigious if conservative Linacre Center in Great Britain, Sister Laurel talked about the causes of later homosexuality saying that a distant or absent father can cause a boy to seek masculine affirmation in a sexual attraction to other males.

This theory is now rejected by the psychological establishment but still held by a stalwart yet rump group of psychologists like Rick Fitzgibbons and Joseph Nicolosi.

The nun’s talked roiled the school, her religious congregation and the college where she teaches for weeks, became an internet sensation and a national scandal, and it appears to have started with students only half listening followed by a cacophony on social media, all the while egged on by faculty and a group of divorced parents.

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