Tree ring dating lesson

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Your students will learn the important effects of climate on living things as they unravel secrets about the age and history of trees.

They will also be asked to estimate the climate of a particular year in the distant past by carefully studying a tree's annual rings.

Next, they begin to core the trees using what looks like a big corkscrew.A tree corer is clijate like a hollow bit drill and works similar to an dtaing corer.They begin by turning the tree corer into the tree and then they turn and turn.Students can also infer similar information by using various wooden objects. Following a carefully designed lab activity using two different tree core samples, the student will: Determine the age of the trees.This kit uses highly motivating, easily performed activities. Compare wet and dry years and attempt to relate them to chronological events in their lives. Attempt to establish the year when a piece of lumber was cut and when it started growing.

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