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One is called Mega Game which has 7 games built into one, but the box was vague as to the games but I'm following a hunch there's at least one good game out of them.

I spent over two hours searching which involved multiple stores, but ended up finding 3 really cool games at Target!

The improvised performance is based on certain principles – principles that can be mastered through training.

For a successful performance, actors need to be present, listen carefully, and contribute freely.

I'm a big game person and my options are rather limited to play games with only 2-3 people.

The only games I have that are 2-3 people compatible are Monopoly and Clue and those tend to be very boring. I was actually going to suggest cards against humanity myself (it's a fun game) their is one, but I can't think of the name it's a little like battleship, but in sted of trying to destroy ships, you're trying to match up pictures (their's an adult version and a family version) the Idea is for someone to say for example..

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