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Sacrilege and lese-majesty, twin crimes in a society where the divine and secular were closely interwoven, were especially heinous.

They were offenses against what we would see as the worldly institutions of state and king, but in the eyes of the ancient Egyptians rather insults against the gods and the world order they had instituted.

However, health care providers, health plans, and their business associates or contractors, can use your information without your consent for purposes involving medical treatment or payment of medical bills.A list containing your prescriptions, the dosages, the dates filled, and who prescribed them, reveals your medical history almost as effectively as a complete medical record.For obvious reasons, most individuals want to keep prescription information as private as possible, and share it only with their doctors and pharmacists.For them, calling a rebate by another name means that it is something other than a rebate.Therefore, PBMs need not pass through any third-party money that they choose not to call a rebate.

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