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This document, published on 14 December 2010, is an Edited Recommendation of the W3C.

It supersedes the previous W3C Recommendation of 23 January 2007.

We will use this class for database connection and then set the connection object to servlet context attribute that other servlets can use. Servlet Context Listener; import javax.servlet.annotation.

Readers are advised that no further maintenance (including correction of reported errors) is planned for this document.

In this tutorial you will learn how to implement a simple contact form on your website that allows the user to send their comment and feedback through email.

We will use the same PHP function to send the emails.

This method reads all files from the ‘Files’ folder created in Step 2 and returns a list of files with information as Field, File Name and File Path declared in File Names class.

Step 4: Add a new ‘Reports Controller’ with the following action methods: The ‘Download’ action method accepts id (File Id) from the view and queries the Files List returned from the Get Files method.

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After querying the List of files, it retrieve the file path. This is an optional parameter, but if passed, then the browser will show the download effect.

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