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He appears again in Ponyville in the first shot of Sleepless in Ponyville when Scootaloo races through town on her scooter.

He also attends the Apple family reunion in Apple Family Reunion; he takes part in the barn raising during Raise This Barn and is part of the Apple family photo.

Investigators found messages Zubia reportedly sent the girl indicating he wanted to have sex with her soon.

The two talked about meeting in person and the girl gave Zubia her address and the name of her school.

According to information released by the Medicine Hat Police Service, the incident took place in the early morning hours of May 1, 2017.

Zubia, who has been held at the Terry County Jail since his July 26 arrest, was arraigned Wednesday morning before U. In one of the conversations, Zubia, reportedly tells the girl he knew what their relationship was wrong under the law “but by the (sic) bible (sic) law is (sic) was a common thing.” He reportedly said he was willing to wait until the time was right.

Downloads of the girl’s Apple i Pod Touch showed text conversations between her and Zubia that contained sexually explicit conversations, according to a criminal complaint filed on July 18.

According to West, the female appeared in court on June 1, and pleaded guilty to the robbery. “These are very dangerous situation for all parties involved anytime these arrangements are made,” said West. I have a feeling they occur more often then they’re reported to police, for obvious reasons.

In this case, it was a fairly violent encounter, given that there were weapons involved.

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